Vacuum Gauges Calibration services

Vacuum Gauges Calibration services

Vacuum Gauge Calibration Services 

                                                          By Unique Vacuum Solutions

Pressure & vacuum monitoring comes with unique safety, compliance and maintenance demands. That’s why Unique Vacuum Solutions wants to ensure that you have expertly calibrated equipment. At our works, we perform vacuum gauge calibrations to support critical objectives – from safeguarding product stability to ensuring research validity. Our talented experts have the knowledge to conduct ultra-accurate calibrations so your process vacuum equipment delivers the precision you need.


            Calibrate Vacuum Gauges For High Performance

·        Ensure production quality or pinpoint issues in production.  

·        Receive correct gauge readings that contribute to uptime and safety.

·        Keep equipment certifications up to date in regulated environments.

·        Depend on accurate instruments during monitoring or testing.

·        Prepare newly purchased devices for duty and verify application compatibility. Identify and correct equipment errors – before services and processes are impacted.


Why Choose Unique Vacuum Solutions Calibration Services?

·        Our extensive vacuum gauge calibration services includes evaluation of sensors that report vacuum (absolute and gauge pressure measurements)

·        Zero and span adjustments w.r.t to the master readings.

·        We calibrate most types of vacuum gauges ( both analog and digital)

Ø  Capacitance manometers from range 1000 to 0.0001 mBar.

Ø  Pirani gauges from range 1000 to 0.001 mbar.

Ø  Cold cathode vacuum gauges

Ø  Hand held battery operated vacuum gauges

Ø  Refrigeration vacuum gauges

Unique vacuum solutions will work with customer to establish a schedule for the vacuum gauge onsite or offsite calibrations.

We shall provide all the required credentials such as SOPs, master ref certificates, calibration training certificates, etc., prior to execution of the service.

The raw data for each sensor will be prepared and followed by the final report / certificate.

On site calibration is highly recommended as it gives customer the at most transparency of witnessing the calibration of every sensor in person and experiencing the results with accuracy of calibration.



Unique vacuum solutions has trained & expert calibration team to execute the calibration of vacuum gauges with efficiency. Our team will carry the necessary tools, master instruments, high vacuum calibration system to the customer site as and when needed.

We are equipped with masters reference instruments having valid calibration certificates traceable to NPL New Delhi OR NIST standards, depending on the master instruments and the range of calibration.


Lead time to attend the calibration:

Lead time to attend the calibration from the date of receipt of confirmed order is : maximum 6 days for metro cities and other tyre -1 cities, maximum 8 to 10 days for non metro cities and tyre -2&3 cities and remote locations.

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