Helium Leak Detectors & Systems

Unique Vacuum Solutions has been in the field of Vacuum Technology & helium leak testing equipment building and testing services, vacuum measurement instruments and related calibration services since 2001.

This includes, manufacturing and supply of custom built and standard vacuum systems / helium leak testing stations / components to the various R&D Organisations, Institutional & Industrial customers across the country.


To explain in detail: Unique vacuum solutions- a one stop solution for all the needs of:

·       helium leak detection services (mass spectrometer helium leak testing),

·       helium leak detectors,

·       helium calibrated leaks,

·       helium bombing stations,  

·       helium leak test stations for various applications like aluminum castings, battery industry automobile components, etc.,  

·       high vacuum products such as vacuum components, vacuum valves, flex metal bellows & hoses, , spares,

·       vacuum measurement instruments like pirani gauges, penning gauges, Digital Thickness Monitors , and so on….

with the expertise and nearly two decade of experience in the Helium leak systems, we are proud to inform that we are associated with our business partners :

M/s. LAZZERO Tecnologie             -for fully automatic leak test stations and recovery systems

M/s. SOLBERG international        -for Filters, traps and separators

M/s. Leybold                                    - for helium leak detectors

M/s. General Europe Vacuum    - for vacuum pumps and vacuum pumping systems.

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