Manual Helium Leak Test stations

Manual Helium Leak Test stations

Unique Vacuum Solutions has been in the field of Vacuum Technology & helium leak testing equipment building and testing services, vacuum measurement instruments and related calibration services since 2001.

This includes, manufacturing and supply of custom built and standard vacuum systems / helium leak testing stations / components to the various R&D Organisations, Institutional & Industrial customers.

With the expertise and experience of nearly 20 years on helium leak test equipment, Unique Vacuum Solutions has designed and built  test systems for various application. A few of the systems built are below:

1. Aluminum Castings Helium leak test systems:


1. Control valves  Helium leak test system:


3.  VRLA Battery Helium Leak Test Systems :


4. Helium bombing and leak testing system for hermetically sealed packages:


5. Large volume evacuation and helium leak testing system:


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